Welcome to the Hardcore Muscle Building Program’s affiliate profit center!

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, congratulations on this awesome step to financial freedom! If you’re already an affiliate marketer, you already realize the power, freedom, and money that affiliate marketing grants you!

I’m listed the steps below to promote the Hardcore Muscle Building Program. I’m paying out 75% commissions on each sale!


Step 1 – Getting Started – Free ClickBank Account

If you’re new, register for your free ClickBank account. If you already have one, you can skip to Step 2 below.

Clickbank is a third party company that take all PayPal and credit card orders. Their software also keeps track of your affiliate sales and will pay you commissions on those sales along with tracking tools.

When registering, you will be asked to create a ClickBank ID. This is how your sales will be tracked.

CLICK HERE to register for your free ClickBank account.

Step 2 – Creating Hoplinks and Start Making $$

Now that you have your ClickBank ID you can start promoting the Hardcore Muscle Building Program and start making money!

Just use the below HopLink (replace ‘MYCLICKBANKID’ with your unique ClickBank ID).

Now you can copy this code and place it in banners, images, to texts.

Step 3 – Use My Promotional Banners

I’ve created some banners below that you can save and use on your website for promoting the Hardcore Muscle Building Program.


  • Right click on the image and save (or ‘save as’) to your device
  • Upload image to your website where you want to market the product
  • Embed your ClickBank code with your unique ClickBank ID

728 x 90

728 x 90

468 x 60

300 x 250


If you have any questions or need help with any of these steps, please fee free to email me: Email Jason

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