It’s Simple: Build More Muscle, Get Stronger, and Get Ripped – We Want it All

At the end of the day, the answer is simple.

We wanna get bigger and stronger. More muscle, more explosive power, better physique, breaking personal records; we want it all.

The problem is most workout programs focus on just one thing. And that may be ok in some cases depending on your goals. But what happens after that?

What if I told you there was a program that will help you build muscle, get stronger, get leaner, and become the best version of you?

Hardcore Muscle Building Program

My name is Jason Stallworth, creator of the Hardcore Muscle Building Program!

Built on classic weight training exercises and proven techniques, this 12 week weight training program promotes both muscle mass and strength gains.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to maximize your results in the gym
  • You’ve hit a strength plateau
  • Your muscle gains have come to a halt
  • You’re burnt out with your current workout program
  • You need a straight-forward easy-to-follow weight training program

12 Week Weight Training Program

This is NOT Another Trendy Workout Program

The Hardcore Muscle Building Program is not another new trendy workout program.

This is a classic 12 week weight training program that applies proven exercises and techniques that force your muscles to grow.

We build more muscle with 3 core weight training principles

⇒ Using a combination of compound and isolation exercises.

⇒ Integrating specific techniques to increase workout intensity.

⇒ Making subtle changes in your workouts every two weeks to continuous shock your muscles into growth.

Hardcore Muscle Building Program

Build Muscle and Get Stronger

If you want to build muscle and get stronger, you simply cannot shy away from the basic compound exercises (ex: bench press, deadlifts, squats, rows, overhead press, etc.).

These are the exercises that will build your foundation for quality mass and will continue to add slabs of muscle.

It’s also important to use a variety of exercises that target multiple angles of the muscle.

With that, you’ll be using specific weight training techniques to increase the intensity of your workouts.

In short, you’re going to be experiencing better workouts, strength gains, and insane pumps by overloading the muscle.

What really separates this 12 week weight training program from other workout programs is the subtle changes you’ll be making every two weeks.

These aren’t major changes. They’re just enough to continuously shock your muscles into hyper growth.

12 Week Weight Training Program

Why this 12 Week Weight Training Program Works

The truth is most any workout program will grant results if you put effort into it.

But the problem with most workout programs is the results stop after a few weeks.

My Hardcore Muscle Building Program is designed to keep you progressing forward in making gains, building muscle, and getting stronger.

The theory is based on the old school concept of periodization. This 12 week weight training program takes that concept to the next level.

Can I Really Get Stronger and Leaner?

It almost sounds like a trick question. I’ll give you a simple answer.

  • Yes.
  • How?
  • Through your training intensity.

This is where YOU come in. My 12 week weight training program gives you the map on how to get there. But you have to have the raw determination. You have to want the results bad enough.

Hardcore Muscle Building Program Includes

The 12 week Hardcore Muscle Building Program is simple and easy-to-follow. There’s no fluff or BS. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • Easy-to-follow 12 week weight training program
  • Different workout every 2 weeks to shock your muscles
  • Detailed explanations of each workout
  • Explanation of exercises
  • Techniques to help you increase workout intensity
  • Thorough introduction with tips for getting started
  • Proper rest and recovery tips
  • Pre and post workout nutrition recipes
  • Post-program instructions (deloading)
  • 2-Part Nutrition Guide for gaining mass or getting shredded (you can use this 12 week workout program for both cutting and bulking )
  • Basic Supplement Guide showing you the few supplements I recommend and why

Program Requirements:

  • Gym Membership. You need to be a member of a real gym with barbells and dumbbells.
  • Discipline, consistency, and a strong desire for results! 

Hardcore Muscle Building Program - 12 week weight training program

 Complete 12 Week Weight Training Program
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